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NASA Resources  
Career Spotlight: Aerospace Engineers
  • In this video for elementary and middle levels, NASA engineer Acey discusses his job and building the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The video highlights similarities and differences between the JWST and its predecessor, the Hubble telescope, and presents interesting facts like what a “clean room” is and why it’s important in building a telescope. Acey also shares advice for students interested in engineering. Watch the video and access a transcript of it online. The transcript includes a link to Infrared: Beyond the Visible, a video that explains infrared astronomy and the science behind the upcoming Webb Space Telescope in language middle level students can understand.
Aviation and Space Careers
  • At this website, middle and high school students will find information about aviation careers such as air traffic controller, mechanic, and pilot. Click on the chosen career to learn about the education requirements needed for the position. Some links, such as the air traffic controller, include videos to provide a real-world glimpse of duties of the position. In addition, the site links to career guides describing numerous aviation- and aerospace-related careers.
Aerospace Education